Front Desk  
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Member Check-In

•         Search by customer name, ID,  or card number

•      Customer status, start date, expiration date, photo ID, club usage, and administrative notes are readily available to staff for verification during check-in

•      Easy access to customer utilization and billing histories

•      Add count/Void count feature permits accurate tracking of member’s club utilization

•      Vital information is just a click away with tabs for memos, member add-ons, addresses and emergency phone number

•      Easy access to integrated POS and Services modules


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Guest Database and Prospecting Tools

•         Robust guest data manager and prospecting tool

•     Includes guest check-in and club visit tracking

•     Maintains vital guest demographic information for your sales and marketing department

•     Includes fitness goals and interests, and a memo area for personalized program notes

•     Easy to use report generator to assist sales and management staff with prospecting and follow-up

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Customer Photo Capture

•         Our video capture feature is compatible with most Win Video compliant devices

•      Simply install the camera and this feature is ready to go





Employee Time Clock

•         Enables staff to clock in and out from any computer on the network running Datafit software






Time Clock Reports





•         View and/or print employee time sheets for a range of dates










Club Traffic


•         Displays a detailed daily member traffic report and summary count for each hour 

•      Allows you to view a report for any previous day’s traffic

•      Filter traffic by membership type

•      Verify and evaluate front desk staff performance for monitoring valid and invalid club member usage